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Fully automated, flexible and scalable solutions for production, material flow and logistics will be the key to Industry 4.0 and to the future of manufacturing.

The rapid pace of technological development in our time is changing our behavior. The way we buy and manufacture products is in transition.

The constant growth of online commerce requires intelligent parcel processing. The digitalization of processes (Internet of Things) demands new infrastructure solutions. Material flows and production processes are becoming safer and more flexible at the same time. And urban growth also needs creative solutions.

For these new challenges, it’s necessary to connect the physical world to the digital world.

Cutting Edge for Full Automation of Production Line Supply
Next Level Handling for Wide Ranging Object Sizes
Next Level of Synchronized Processes

Our Intelligent Solution

Imagine the floor coming to life. All products and equipment are able to move around the area freely, simultaneously and independently of one another. A previously unattainable flexibility in the flow of goods and products becomes possible.

With our fluid logistics, we make this vision a reality.

The system is based on a patented platform technology that takes advantage of the principle of traveling electromagnetic fields. With it, all types of objects can be transported flexibly and in large quantities at the same time. Goods, equipment and robots can be moved freely with high speed and precision. Countless powerful applications, for example in warehouses, factories and airports, result from our fluid logistics technology.

Advantages of Fluid Logistics:

  • Simultaneous and independent execution of various conveying tasks (for example, transport, sorting and buffering)
  • Guaranteed peak performance – no single point of failure
  • Integrated sorting functions
  • Fully automatic operation and minimal monitoring
  • Maximum scalability, modular design: The system adapts seamlessly to your requirements
  • The system configuration can be changed “on the fly”
  • A decentralized system with distributed control – the need for redundancies is eliminated
  • Up to 75% space savings
  • Up to 50% reduced maintenance costs
  • Up to 50% energy savings


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Our Vision

With our technology, we want to revolutionize conveyor technology and bring logistics into the 21st century. Discover fluid logistics with us.

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