Our Vision

We will revolutionize the market for logistics automation.

Rigid, linear logistics processes will be converted into free-flowing movements of products and production facilities. Flexibly choreographable flows of material will adapt to the demands of our time. With fluid logistics, you will achieve more movement and maximum space savings cost-effectively and energy-efficiently.

We’re restructuring how we think. Come with us!

The factory of the future - powered by Fluid Logistics
The factory of the future, based on fluid logistics
The infrastructure of the future - powered by Fluid Logistics
The infrastructure of the future, based on fluid logistics
The city of the future: efficient and flexible through fluid logistics
The city of the future: efficient and flexible through fluid logistics

Infinite Possibilities

The areas of application for fluid logistics range from A as in automated sorting to Z as in zero degree Celsius operation. Our patented system covers every conceivable area in which goods and products have to be transported. And even rigid processes, such as production workflows, become flexible and agile. This offers unimagined possibilities for a more efficient use of resources.

We pay particular attention to the expanding markets of e-commerce and Industry 4.0. The advantages – for example in automated order picking, high-speed sorting and cargo handling – are evident and enable companies to act faster, more cost-effectively and more efficiently. In particular, fully automated goods-to-person approaches ensure higher performance in logistics and production.

Existing logistics systems can be usefully supplemented and expanded with our solution.

Cargo Handling, powered by Fluid Logistics
Cargo Handling – A Case for Fluid Logistics
High-Speed Sorting, powered by Fluid Logistics
High-Speed Sorting – A Case for Fluid Logistics
Order Picking, powered by Fluid Logistics
Order Picking – A Case for Fluid Logistics

The Factory of the Future

The interaction of robotics and fluid logistics is another visionary idea that will significantly shape the factory of the future. Production systems can be used flexibly right where they are needed. Underground material transport in industrial parks ensures a smooth flow of material just in time. Optimal use of space in interior areas such as workshops or warehouses makes solutions to the problems of rapid growth possible. Without tying up additional resources, transport, storage, sequencing and buffering can be handled fully automatically in the background.

But in urban areas too, fluid logistics can be used to address the problem of overloaded infrastructure. From underground goods transport to fully automated parking garages, the burden on inner-city infrastructure can be relieved.