Vision meets practice

If we have a say in it, in the future, objects will move autonomously through warehouses, factories and even airports. To make that happen, and turn our vision into reality, we have developed the Fluid Logistics technology, a patented Logistics Automation technology.Fluid Logistics is based on the principle of linear (induction) motors, which generate a magnetic field that can be used for propulsion. By laying out these linear motors in a grid on the floor, and by using intelligent software, objects (that have been placed on 'movers' on the floor surface) can be moved freely on the floor, in large quantities, simultaneously and in all directions. This enables goods to be transported freely without any rigid conveying system.

Intelligent Software optimizes Material Flows in real-time

Smart algorithms are the 'building blocks' of the electromagnetic control software. The supervisory control system allows for immediate and flexible adapting to changing environments. The powerful software suite ensures that objects are transported through the work area, either individually or as a group, and that they are positioned with the highest precision. Everything in fully automatic mode. Special lasers will ensure a safe operation.

Both production and logistics can be managed in in a very flexible way. The capabilities of Transportation, Storage, Goods Transfer and Production sites will be revolutionized.

Key Fluid Logistics features:

  • System changes in real-time
  • Seamless material flows
  • Fully automatic
  • For individual goods or for grouped items
  • For objects of various sizes and shapes
  • Also applicable for heavy loads
  • Wireless energy supply of each individual module
  • Movers equipped with tools can be added to an existing system in the future

Planar Unit

The entire work area, e.g. the floor of a warehouse, will be covered with Planar Units. This can be done relatively easy through a revolutionary Plug-and-Play design. In the unlikely event of a malfunctioning PU, they can be replaced effortlessly. System expansions are possible by adding new PUs, which can be done in a timely way. And nearly every form of layout can be created with the standardized dimensions of the PUs.


An electromagnetic field is generated between Mover and Planar Unit, and it is only active during the actual motion. The Movers are moving freely on roller bearings on the floor surface. Virtually any load can be transported on a Mover, and they can be designed individually to meet any Customer’s requirements.A very powerful software feature is the combining of multiple Movers into one, thereby creating a (temporary) larger load carrier. Movers can also be equipped with other tools, such as Robots. In other words, the Fluid Logistics system will meet every Industry 4.0 requirement.